Business and advisory services

 DnK Consultancy provides a wide range of consulting services and solutions that are beneficial for both the established companies and start-ups. Our market intelligence based consulting help in strategizing the right policies which are helping your business.

Risk management consultancy

For any business risk analysis plays an integral role while formatting any new strategy or revoking an old one. DnK Consultancy’s team of experts lets you analyze the risk associated with your venture taking into consideration, financial and market conditions.


Merger and Acquisition

 M&A are some of the most important decisions that a company makes, we help you understand the pros and cons of a particular decision, in addition, to this, we also help you do the stargazing of various policies that will help you manage the newly acquired company seamlessly. Investment advisory - DnK Consultancy offers you guidance while you are evaluating the investment option; we also help in identification of the right solutions for your unique needs and requirement. Our investment advisors will advise you in identifying investment options, prove you with a comprehensive picture of your investment plan and its future.


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